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Alton Ranch Grassfed Beef Working With UsOur goal is bring the same level of care and respect to our customer relationships that we’ve brought to the ranch and our herd over all these years.

Our grassfed beef product has been provided wholesale for the past several years -- certified previously through Thousand Hills Cattle Co.'s "100% Grass Fed Beef" program and most recently through U.S. Wellness Meats' Grassland Beef program. We anticipate expanding further through direct retail distribution within local Montana markets beginning during the latter part of 2016.  We would look forward to talking with you further to discuss your particular needs.  We can be reached by either phone or email at your convenience.


More Information

Click to learn more regarding the growing interest in grassfed beef nationwide and the nutritional benefits an ever-increasing number of consumers are enjoying through grassfed beef.

The American Grassfed Association, founded in 2003 and headquarted in Denver, Colorado, is also a leading source of industry information.

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