Why Grassfed Beef?

At the Alton Ranch, we believe in raising beef that fits its environment.  Our top resources on the ranch are its grass and water.  Our winters are often long and cold, so we feed the cattle hay -- most often alfalfa-grass hay that’s been raised on the ranch -- until we have enough native grass actively growing again in the spring to graze it without damaging the plants.

We pay particular attention to plant health.  A prime goal at the ranch is to improve range health through the proper grazing of livestock, which often means grazing more animals in smaller areas for shorter periods of time.  This assures that the plants will be grazed evenly, that dung will serve as a natural fertilizer over a wider area, and that hoof action will help break soil capping to help the ground absorb more of the precious rainfall that can be so hard to come by during our dry summers here.

Our range management plan also assures that the plants will have adequate time to re-grow before the cattle graze them again, usually in the following year at a different time during the grazing season.  This helps the perennial grasses to remain resilient by building healthy root systems.

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