Alton Ranch Grassfed BeefIn the Madison River valley, under a big sky and the high peaks of the Madison Range, the Alton Ranch personifies all that is Montana cattle country.

Those first to graze cattle here arrived nearly 150 years ago as the quest for gold brought settlement to the areas around nearby Alder Gulch.  Soon thereafter, Virginia City emerged as Montana’s territorial capital and the surrounding farms and ranches grew to support the local community.

It was clear early on that long after the gold fields played out, the Madison Valley would continue to write a bold chapter in Montana’s history while leaving its own signature on the state’s agricultural heritage.

“The county has become world-famous for stock raising.  Horses and cattle run out in the valley at all times of the year, feed, fatten and thrive at all times – usually having no feed except what they gather by grazing.”

-- James Handly, Resources of Madison County (1872)

At the Alton Ranch, we’re proud to be part of this heritage and humbled by an obligation to sustain it.  For close to 20 years our mother cows, calves and yearlings have been working partners in managing our ranch’s greatest resource -- its grass.

We appreciate your interest in our grassfed beef, and for allowing us to introduce you to where it comes from, how it’s raised, and how we can work with you in supplying your product needs.  But the pictures and words on our website only begin to tell the story….if you have questions we haven’t answered here, please contact us to visit more.

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